Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Healing power of trees

Here’s just a sampling of what researchers have discovered about our relationship with trees:
    ·        Hospital patients with a window view of trees need less pain medication and are 
         discharged sooner than patients with treeless views.
 ·        Given a choice between a scene with trees and one without trees, people of all ages and ethnic groups from various countries prefer the scene with trees regardless of whether they live in urban, suburban or rural areas.
 ·        Just knowing that natural places are available nearby makes a residence more appealing to buyers.
 ·        People are more satisfied with their neighborhoods if there are trees on or near their property. They describe their quality of life as safer, more pleasant and are more satisfying than people living in homes without trees nearby.
 ·        Residents living in apartments with a window view of tress are significantly less aggression toward family members than those whose windows look onto concrete, asphalt or barren earth.  This includes their making fewer insults and threats and other psychologically aggressive behavior.
 ·        Police report lower crime rates in areas of public housing developments that have a density of trees.
 ·        Residents of urban public housing use common spaces with trees more often than common spaces that are barren of trees.

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