Tree Hugging



You've heard the phrase before, but have you ever taken a moment out of your day to do this? Although some trees, like people, are more huggable than others, they all need a hug now and again.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 10 to 30 minutes

Here's How:
  1. Find yourself a quiet park, forest, or woodland area
  2. Walk among the trees until you feel comfortable in their presence.
  3. Feel the different bark textures with the palms of your hands.
  4. Smell the scent of the various woods.
  5. Absorb their life's energies as you look upwards to the sprawling branches overhead.
  6. Find the perfect tree that fits your mood. You will know which one is right for you.
  7. Vertical Tree Hug: Encircle it with your arms while gently pressing your cheek to the trunk being careful not to scratch your face. Squeeze tightly. Sigh deeply. Be one with your tree.
  8. Full Body Tree Hug: Sit upon the ground wrapping your legs around the base of the tree and at the same time embracing it with your arms.
  9. Up in the Air Tree Hug: Climb a tree. Sit upon a strong limb and straddle it with your legs. Bend forward and place your belly against it while wrapping your arms about it.
  • Feel free to hug more than one tree if the mood strikes. Besides, other trees might get jealous.
  • You may like to take home a fallen leaf or nut as a keepsake from your new friend.
  • Be sure to return each season to visit your tree. And don't be afraid to talk to it as trees are good listeners.


The Tree Hugger Project, begun in 2005, is an ongoing work of environmental art conceived along with the artist Agnieszka Gradzik. With the help of participants on site, who gather branches, twigs, vines and flowers, the artists fashion together these natural materials into groups of figures literally "hugging" trees. The artist's stated intention is to "...remind us that we humans are still very much a part of our natural surroundings".
Anyone anywhere in the world can join in. The Tree Hugger Project can happen almost anywhere – at our local park, school, or community garden.

Has anyone ever climbed a tree without hugging it?

Tree Heights and Delights

‘Tree people’ are now doing more than just hugging trees.

Tree climbing is the next best thing. By using harnesses, ropes and helmets, tree enthusiasts can find themselves amongst the treetops where the real payoff (along with amazing views), is the solitude and peacefulness which can be found. 

Hug-a-Tree: The Benefits we can get from hugging a TREE

We had grew up with numerous poems imprinted into our minds regarding the kindest nature of the trees. Trees in general are essential in building a pleasant and balance surrounding. It gives us shades, fresh air, beautify as well as loads of things it can provide. Basically tree is an awesome form of life.
Have you ever heard about hugging a tree? Are you aware about the benefits we can get out of it? Trees are lovely to looked at and they are huggable like human too. They are snuggly, friendly and cuddly. They also seek for some attention thus once you hug a tree you must hug the next tree close to it. Trees are a good listener they act as a shock absorber. They are strong the buddy to lean on.
The Facts That You Should Know: Trees conserved energy by sustaining us a cooling effect. It improves the quality of air that we breathe, for the leaves filters and removes all the dust and particles to generate us fresh air. It was also said that patients that have a clear view of trees from their window compare with those who were just completely bounded with bricks and wall recover fast from their ailments and are not delicately prone to any complications. Trees reduce noise pollution. Sensing the place surrounded with trees are tranquil and serene which is creating a restful feelings. Trees act as a pain reliever, reduce stress and relieves poor concentration you can observed that after each and every tree exposure.
Being a tree-hugger: When you hug a tree, you become amalgamated and be one with the tree. This personal linkage will allow the energy shift between you and the tree. The tree absorbed the negative energy that you have, will balance it and turn it into a positive one. Try to hug a tree longer with your eyes close. Take a deep breath, meditate and gently feel the energy as it flows through in and out of your body. Keep hugging until you feel the total transmission of positive energies and you felt re-charged, renewed and reborn. this is the healing process we can benefited form the trees. What are you waiting for? start to stretch out those arms and be a tree-hugger!


Children of the fragile forest gather around
Where bird song seems to be the loudest sound
A place called Summer, green as you could please
A place where we all proudly hug the trees.

Hug trees for the walnuts and sweet apples
For the shade above small country chapels
For giving squirrel and crow a place to live
For the priceless gift of oxygen they give.

Follow your feet across a woodland floor
Beneath the tall and ancient sycamore
Under redwood, under tall blue pine
Come with me and form an endless line.

Join the boy whose name is simply ME
Take your turn and hug a mighty tree
A wish we cast upon an August breeze
A dream to cross the seven sacred seas.

Release it now, just like a big balloon...
A prayer to reach the mountains of the moon
To citizens of Earth alas we say
Go find yourself a tree to hug today!

And if a grownup says Don’t be a fool!
Or Is that what they’re teaching you in school
Just find this poem and read this simple rhyme
It’s cool to HUG a TREE from time to time!

Children this is how the world can be
Making Earth plan A and not plan B
Wear Change! Share Change! Sing Change! Bring Change
And start by hugging a tree!

Todd-Michael St. Pierre